Day 182, Tuesday June 17 2014

Melissa had helped me find some places to get couples pictures done for cheep, so Nate and I set out to find one and set up our Chinese wedding pictures.We new it was by Da Ming lake, and we knew it was in a 14 story building, so we got the cab driver to drop us off at the only tall building in sight. We walked into the elevator and were bombarded with advertisements for photo places on what seemed like every floor! One of the places on our list was in the basement, so we headed there first.

We had a bit of trouble communicating with the man and woman behind the desk, as they only spoke Chinese, but when we showed them the price from the online add they knew exactly what we were talking about. They showed us some pictures they’d taken of other couples, some goofy, some serious and we were able to point out the ones we liked.

We were concerned about the sizes of the clothes, so we asked if we could see them. We were brought to the closet where tons of dresses and costumes were hanging up. I tried on a bunch of dresses, running back and forth from the closet to the dressing room, barefoot, to get a look in the mirrors, all to the great amusement of the Chinese couple who were getting photos done at the time. I settled on a gorgeous blue dress with a long train, and Nate and I picked out a traditional Chinese wedding costume for our second outfit. Nate will bring his own suit, as he doesn’t fit into the clothes in the closet (the traditional costume is short on the legs, but they say they’ll just cut them out. Photos have been all set up for next tuesday!


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