Day 181, Monday June 16 2014

I’d found a wedding dress making store online, so the mission of the day was to go out and find it in person. I met Sonya around 10 am for our adventure. I don’t really know where in Jinan we went, but I know it took two buses to get there. We walked into three buildings trying to find the place. It was supposed to be on the 5th floor, or so we thought. It was actually in a building called “the fifth floor building” and it was on the 14th floor. The dresses weren’t so much to my taste, they were a bit poofy and blingy for my liking, but when I showed them the sketch I had they were able to draw something to my liking, and they had a lot of different silk samples in different colours. They priced the dress around 3000 RMB ($500). Something to think about.

Sonya and I stopped for fried rice and noodles, with plans to meet her friend at quan chen square. I’d been having problems with the food, particularly coming out the bottom end, and the noodles pushed me over the edge. I felt really sick, and ended up heading home with a seat on the bus next tot he window incase I needed to puke.

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