Happy English: Day 180, Sunday June 15 2014

I had to start work before Nate this morning, so when I came back to the office for lunch, and Nate wasn’t there yet, I assumed he was still in class. After waiting for a bit I noticed his bin was on his desk, so I asked Franny where he was, “He’s sick,” She replied, “his head.”

I called home, apparently he’d been throwing up just after I’d left the house, another migraine. “You’re probably pregnant,” I joked, and then asked him if he needed me to come home early (I just had a make up class after lunch, so figured I could get out of sitting around for the rest of the day.) but he was already at the sandwich shop on his way to work. I killed time with Emmy after my make up class was done.

The school was taking us out to BBQ today, and we were told we were going to Golden Hanz. This was the same “South American” BBQ Nate, Katrina, and I had gone to a few months ago for their home brewed beer before the movies. We asked and confirmed that we had the right place before all of us foreign teachers packed ourselves into a cab. When we pulled up outside the restaurant we were shocked to see that Golden Hanz had turned into an empty building! We thought it must be a bit farther down in one direction or another, but after walking back and forth for a bit it was determined that Golden Hanz was just closed.

After many frustrating phone calls, we finally got the address of the place we were supposed to go. Turns out there’s another Golden Hanz in the city! Someone had been nice enough to collect a plate of meat for each of us (as you have to request it from people walking around with skewers), and each of us had our own mountain. Our boss hadn’t been able to make it this time, so there was no Baijiu forced on us, which seemed a bit odd.


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