Happy English: Day 177 Thursday June 12 2014

We had a meeting today informing us that the activity class lesson plans were to be done by the end of the day. Anyone who didn’t complete theirs would “Lose the money.” With still no explanation of what the activity was, with no guidelines, and knowing full well that these would be another thing that would never be used, I went to my desk directly after the meeting, printed out one the “warm up lessons” (self made content taught before the start of curriculum) I had made for one of my new classes, and put it on Candy’s desk. Done.

Five minutes later we were told to check our inboxes because a sample lesson plan had been sent to use. This lesson plan, we were told, was from the West Centre (Happy English runs two centres in the city, and our bosses are always trying to get us to compete with each other.). The West Centre had created their lesson plans weeks ago. The “lesson plan” was a five page monstrosity printed off of someone else’s website. The “star teacher” who had “created it” weeks ago hadn’t even removed the URL. The plan kept referring to the use of videos and content we had no access to.

“SIT DOWN” I yelled in Harry Potter class, as Allen and Steven fought over a toy. To my amazement everybody sat and looked at me. I’d finally found my “big girl voice”!

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