Happy English: Day 174, Monday June 09 2014

Nate wanted to come to Jenny’s cafe with me. I was meeting Sally to talk about dresses, and Nate was hungry. I told him he wasn’t allowed to see the designs, and he promised to burry himself in video games.

Sally’s housemate Kel came to lunch as well, and we ended up getting distracted and didn’t even look at dress sketches until the end of lunch. Sally had apparently left the sketches until last minute, and I joked that they would just be stick figured with triangles. They ended up being pretty awesome looking designs. I picked out my favourite, and we’re going to modify from there.

I had to tutor today, and had an hour to kill before tutoring. I was pretty close to the place I tutor at, so I ended up killing time at a university down the road. I sat on a bench under a massive tree, pen and journal in hand. More students sat studying in a pavilion to my left.


We went to KTV at 7:00 pm for my birthday. It was frustrating that half of the guests bailed last minute (one person’s excuse was “I think it will rain”, and this was coming from a CT who’d spend a significant amount of time in England), but Sonya, Rose, and their friend Lilly came, along with the boss from magic, Chandler, and Shirley. A bit of an odd mix, but we had fun.

The magic boss seemed to think the sound quality at the KTV we’d chosen was not so great, but this was the KTV where we could bring our own food and drinks, so we told him we’d prefer to stay. Nate and I went over to the grocery store to pick up snacks, and by the time we got back Sonya and Kevin were there. The plan was to go and pay, but Sonya and the magic boss ended up talking in Chinese to the girls at the front desk for a long time.

“What’s the matter?” I asked Sonya.

“The price is a little high, the magic boss thinks we should change the place.”

“I’m not worried about the price,” I told her, “I can pay the price.” but it seemed that it was already a done deal. I got Sonya to send out the new address to my guests that had not shown up yet, and we all piled into a cab to go to the new location. I did not notice a difference in sound quality. The magic boss snuck off and paid for four hours on us. He didn’t seem to understand that we only wanted two. They let us take the food in, but most of the drinks (other then a few hidden in our bags) had to be left at the front. Logic is… different here.

Anyways after paying the incredibly expensive KTV prices for beer we finally had a party. Sonya gave me a gift! A blue wallet with a mustache on it, and a fruit pizza. The pizza was odd, especially the jello chunks, but I ate it anyways.

I got a scented oil lamp from the magic boss, cutesy bunnies from Shirley, a plant from Rose, and a cake, and a traditional chinese medicine writing (painted by the painting teacher, but given by rose), and chocolate truffles from Chandler. I was blown away, I hadn’t been expecting the gifts. I officially celebrated my 25th birthday the best way possible: with friends belching out ridiculous songs, and eating way too much cake.


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