HOME: Day 164, Friday May 30 2014

I took my Pineapple class to our little kitchen today to make cookies. Knowing how excited the kids would be at the prospect of cookies, I had Melissa translate some very specific rules. We decked the children all out in adorable purple aprons, with matching purple chef hats. The aprons all had pocket on the front, and created a “hands in, hands out” rule so that we would have control of the group around the hot cookies and oven. They took this hands in, and hands out rule very seriously, even when I made it into a game while we were waiting for cookies to bake. I was amazed that no one even tried to eat the dough.

We’d made all of the children use the bathroom before going to the kitchen, but of course everyone still had to go. Melissa took the boys first, and then the girls. While the boys were gone the girls were all super well behaved, acting like adorable little angels. A lot of the parents were watching us through a window that connected the kitchen to the parent’s waiting area. I had the girls look out the window and say to their parents “I like cookies.” It was a huge success.

And then Melissa returned with the boys and took the girls to the bathroom. The boys were a different story. Suddenly through the rising chaos a booming voice came through the open window, “LOUIS SIT DOWN” Louis, who was not aware Melissa was so close, sat, looking completely confused.

Overall the cookie making was a huge success.


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