TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 158, Saturday May 24 2014


Mary, the mother of Sam, one of Nate’s students, had invited us out to see a Beijing Opera performance. We met her in front of the theatre, along with a group of Sam’s friends. Ten minutes into the performance Nate and I were pulling gobs of toilet paper out of our pockets to stuff in our ears! The volume was way too loud, and the voices were shrill, forget rock concerts, Beijing Opera is the real concern when it comes to pre-mature deafness!


While the music may not have been the highlight of the performance, it was neat that they had a live band, and the costumes were spectacular (though the caked makeup made it difficult to tell man from woman). There was a lot of talking, which Mary tried to explain to us as the play went on, and much of this was apparently funny. We didn’t get the jokes, but we did get the fight scenes! They were preformed as a dance with flips and leaps, with the hero taking on two or three of the evil king’s men at one time.



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