TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 156, Thursday May 22 2014

Met up with Kat for my first Chinese lesson! Kat is one of our newer CTs, but it feels like I’ve known her forever. In a lot of ways I already know her better then most of the CTs we work with. While most of our partners in the classroom prefer to keep to themselves in their private lives, Kat seems just as intrigued by our culture as we are by hers. She has a bold personality and distinct individuality. She spent six months working in a hotel in America, and either she picked up some key features of the culture in that amount of time, or (more likely I get the feeling) she was born with an American “free spirit” in the pit of her soul. Simply stated SHE IS AWESOME, and I counted myself lucky to be learning from her, even if she turned out to be a very strict (and slightly abusive with a pencil) teacher. She was teaching me and her boyfriend Dan at the same time. I was eager to learn, but Dan was not exactly interested in Chinese. Kat wasn’t about to let him get away with not speaking her native tongue. We met at Burger King, a little out of the way, but worth the walk.

In my attempt to spice up the house review for Harry Potter class (glad we’ve FINALLY made it to the end of that unit), I attempted to make a cardboard doll house out of a shoe box. I printed a bunch of paper furniture to go inside. It looks “ghetto”, but I’m sure my class will find it fun.

It was Amy’s birthday, so we went out to celebrate with her. It was at that party that I met Sarah. Sarah is a designer, who put her education behind her to come and learn Chinese. She wants to work on designing my wedding dress! She says it’ll be great to get back into the designing. She gave me her e-mail, told me to send her pictures of what I was thinking and said she’d get sketches done for me! Once we hammered out a design she’d work on the pattern and measurements to I could skip the guess work with the Chinese seamstresses. 


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