TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 153, Monday May 19 2014

Monday May 19 2014

I’m sure after reading yesterday’s post you’ll understand why our day started late. Breakfast was so late in the day that we were still full when we met up for a dumpling lunch with Sonya.

“I think this tea is a little delicious,” Sonya told me, encouraging me to try some.

“Oh, this is barley tea,” I said as I recognized the smell, “like the stuff used in bread.”

“Yes,” Sonya replied.

It was with full stomachs that we waddled to the university afterwards where we were to practice our nun-chucks that night. We met Sonya’s friend there, who lives close to the school. She wanted me to come up with an English name for her, so I suggested “Yasmin”, as it was different then all the typical Chinese English names, but still pronounceable. Sonya’s eyes grew wide, “YAZE-MEN?” she exclaimed. “That means ducks!”

Sonya wouldn’t let it go. This resulted in Yasmin chasing her around the park whacking at her!

“Her brother is very good at make the ducks.” Sonya informed me, setting Yasmin at her again!

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