TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 152, Sunday May 18 2014

Another long work day at the end of a long work week. The kids were good at least.

I went shopping with Katrina after work. We met Sonya and her friend at the mall. I found two solid coloured t-shirts at H&M for a half descent price! SO EXCITING! Solid coloured shirts with no weird bits or patches, or pockets, are SO hard to find here.

Katrina wanted to go home and freshen up, but I had planned to go directly to Melanas to meet Nate. I told her I’d see her later and she left to wave down a cab. Amy, along with a group of the other Jinan expats, were already at the bar, so Nate and I joined their table. Five minutes later Katrina called Amy, and said she was on her way there after all!

We ended up at Box bar after Melanas. We played a card game involving dares. I can’t tell you any more about it (other then it was fun, and it got weird fast) because the rules of the game forbid it. Apparently this game was supposed to be a Jinan- initiation type thing, but we’d somehow been missed when we first got there!

We ended the night by swimming in one of Jinan’s many springs.

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