TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 151, Saturday May 17 2014

I had my new class, called Minions, today. We are on the clothes unit, so I grabbed a bunch of the children’s clothes we have in the closet in our House set up. They are all toddler sized clothing, and most of my kids in this class are older, so it was pretty funny when I had them running back and forth in a “clothing race” trying to fit into different items! The kids didn’t want to stop playing, so I let the game go on longer then I should have. Hey at least they were all speaking English, and having a great time doing it!

Starfruit class is on senses, so I brought in smelly markers for them to try out. Watching their faces light up to the different smells was so cute that we used this activity for our five minute parent presentation after class. The children had to choose which colour they wanted to smell (by saying the colour name in English), and then they were able to smell it and say the sentence “I smell with my nose.” This was one of Peter’s favourite activities. When it came to be his turn during the parent presentation he got this big grin on his face, picked out his favourite colour, and proudly stated “I smell with my nose.” He then proceeded to put the marker halfway up his nostril as he took a huge sniff! We gave him back to his mom with a blue nose… fortunately she didn’t seem too upset. 

In tutoring I devised an awesome plan to get my student to stop speaking Chinese. I told them that whoever won the “no chinese contest” (that is got the least “speaking chinese” strikes against them) would get their name in the “No Chinese draw”. It worked like a charm. The kids were so quiet!


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