TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 149, Thursday May 15 2014

PAY DAY!!! The extra Kindergarten classes and Demos (which equal extra pay for sign ups) added up to quiet a bit of bonus money. It will all go towards the next travel adventure!

Sonya and I met up to practice nun-chucks in the park. We moved to the shade when the sun got to much for us, and chatted on a park bench. With the traveling, and Sonya’s extra hours at the maternity hospital, we hadn’t seen each other in a while. It was good to catch up. Sonya kept trying to play with toddlers, but they were too scared of me to come close to us. We watched one kid run back and forth in the park “Go to mom,” his dad would say. Off the boy would run, across the park towards his mom, who would tell him “Go to dad,”. They sent him back and forth until he got distracted by a cat that he followed behind a trash can. He was still looking around the trash can trying to figure out where the cat went as we watched it run away. Out smarted by a cat!

Harry potter students were well behaved, though they kept “melting” in their seats, and were a little chatty. I gave them stickers for good behaviour, but apparently Shirley wasn’t impressed that they wouldn’t sit up straight, and withheld the dollars for misbehaving! Oops!


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