TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 146, Monday May 12 2014

Nate made a eggplant and pork lunch after a much needed sleep in. Sherisa, Tatiana’s daughter, was supposed to come over to make cookies, so I cleaned up the house to make it presentable. I got a call from Tatiana cancelling though. She said Sherisa had a tutor coming over, but would love to bake on Tuesday instead. I’m not holding my breath, Tatiana seems to cancel on things a lot, maybe “save face” isn’t exclusively an Eastern concept.

We went to Jenny’s cafe for western food with Katrina. We were planning to meet up with Sandra and Kaya at the Astin (another english school in the city) apartments. Due to a communication error we ended up arriving before them. We found the party though! Every time I drink with Kaya I end up a little more inebriated then planned. She always seems to pull baijiu out of somewhere, and for some reason it’s hard to refuse the drinks she offers. I guess the tiny red head who parties hard, and still manages to run every day, even in China’s thick smog layer, comes off as pretty bad ass, especially when she shooting back that awful Chinese moonshine like it’s water. There’s a inert need to impress her.

The three of us somehow managed to stumble home, even after Kaya’s influence.

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