TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 145, Sunday May 11 2014

Morning classes went well, other then Steven and Alan, with who we were still contending with the same issues that had made Shirly blow up last class.

Shirley wanted to meet with me during my free hour after lunch. She was very concerned that we had not learned to match big and small letters in our pre-k 1 class yet. Big and small letter matching is not in the curriculum plan, and so I had not been making it a priority. In China there is an order to do things in, and apparently that order included matching big and small letters. Shirley was adamant at their importance as I tried to explain my logic of shouldn’t the student’s learn the name and sound of the letter before moving onto to the concept of “upper and lower case”.

Sandra and I did a mother’s day demo class together. It went pretty well. I had three students for a make up class today. Steven was one of them. It was a challenge as Steven kept running around the room and goofing off. Not such a big deal with only three children though. I think a lot of his behaviours stem from lack of interest and boredom. Having the time to focus more on my students individual needs during the make up class, I focused on fun and showered Steven with attention for each positive interaction. I think I made a bit of headway.

Next I had a make up class with Bobbie from Starfruit. We covered all of the necessary material easily, and I let him make a mother’s day card in the last 20 minutes.

Tutoring went well today, other then Helen getting a little bit too into cutting out hearts for her mothers day card, and refusing to complete the activity I had planned. I had to mention her behaviour to her mom for the first time since I started teaching her. I’ve had issues with Sophia not paying attention, but Helen has, up until now, always been eager to learn and play the games I invent. Oh well, every child has off days, and Helen is not one I’m concerned about. It’s awesome to teach her, because it’s easy to see how much fun she truly has, and how excited she gets when she knows I’m coming over.


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