TEACHING ENGLISH, Day 144, Saturday May 10 2014

Had my Minions class at 9:00 am. When class was supposed to start we only had two kids. One of which was scared of me and extremely uncomfortable. He was another Allen. This Allen always showed up early, and would sit, tense and on the edge of his chair, looking around as if prepared to flee the second I moved towards him. I would smile at him, trying not to laugh, as I set up for class. We waited an extra five minutes before starting, and fortunately a bunch more students showed up 10 minutes late. We ended up with seven.

In Starfruit we sang a really cute version of “10 Little Numbers”, which we changed to “10 Little Kisses” for mother’s day. We preformed it for our 5 minute parent presentation.

My tutoring was moved to tomorrow because of rain. How rain effects our indoor lesson I’m not sure. I’ve stopped questioning “Chinese logic”.


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