TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 143, Friday May 09 2014

I went on a mission run to the springs today. They’re about a 30 minute run away. I’m getting grossly out of shape, and running in the city isn’t pleasant. It smells, it’s crowded, and the scenery is mostly made up of cars and tall building. I enjoy the occasional “mountain run” where I run over to Jelly Fish Mountain, and do intervals up the stairs, but it’s too intense to do every day. So I’ve decided to start running to the springs.

I filled up a backpack with our empty jugs, strapped it to my body, and started jogging, trying my hardest not to get hit by the bikers that share the sidewalk. The idea was that I would fill the jugs at the springs, and then carry them to the bus stop, and ride the bus back home.

Must have been quite a sight, this foreigner running down the road in the heat of the day, back pack bouncing on her back and pulling her shirt up just below boob level. I, of course, had to weave between the multitude of bikes, people, and of course cars taking up the sidewalk. Moving to the edge of the sidewalk next to the road to avoid some of said mess, I almost got bowled over by a man leaping (literally) off of a bus. His eyes widened in shock and surprise as I dodged away from the oncoming impact.

Later at a stoplight I came up beside two old men, one pushing the other in a wheelchair, and the most epic music blaring from the wheelchair guy’s pocket radio. Awesome.

Not much farther down a girl with roses clutched in her hand jumped in front of me. Not sure if she was hoping to make a sale, but she looked bewildered at the speed I was moving at. She managed to get out a quiet “hello!” as I passed her.

Now the last, and perhaps oddest sighting during my run was a bus parked on the side of the road with it’s windshield covered in minions. I half expected them to fill up the entire inside of the bus! I’m not sure if it was some sort of advertising gimmick… who knows.

The school has been pushing for “outdoor classes”, meaning “outside of the school”, so I took my Pineapple class to the supermarket. We were on the food review, so it was pretty perfect. We met the kids and their parents at the front and then walked the whole group around looking for vocabulary words for the first 60 minutes. I had Harry’s hand clutched in one hand, and Angela’s in the other. Harry was constantly trying to yank away, Angela was fine unless I let go of her, and then the quiet well behaved child would just take off! Sam and Bob were pretty much running around wild. Fortunately we had Franny, our newest CT, helping out. We put her on Sam and Bob duty.

The best places to gather my group back up was around freezers or fridges that had glass doors. The kids would still stand mesmerized and drooling at the food, but the glass would keep their fingers away. I had to return all sorts of items to their proper shelves after the kids had gotten just a little bit too tempted. We’re just lucky no body opened anything before we realized what was going on.

In the second hour we sent the children and their parents off on missions to find and photograph different items on their cell phones. This scavenger hunt that had taken Nate’s group (who had gone before me) the better part of an hour to complete, was done in 15 minutes by some of my parent child teams! Melissa and I had to think fast to keep the group busy. We had decided to meet in the book area, planning on a story if we had extra time to kill, but the kids were too destructive and made a mess of the place. We ended up coming up with a bunch more short games to fill the time.


2 thoughts on “TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 143, Friday May 09 2014

  1. I haven’t had an outside class yet, but I’m thinking the first place should be a park. My kids will go crazy in the supermarket. Was that Hualian Supermarket you were at?


    1. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was pretty close to the school. They stopped letting us come after a while though, I don’t think they appreciated the crowds of kids pulling things off the shelves. Park is always a fun one, but be prepared for the heat.

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