TEACHING ENGLISH: Day 142, Thursday May 08 2014

Thursday May 08 2014

I opted to do a indoor workout I had found online rather then go out into the heavily polluted air. The downstairs neighbours have been hammering every morning for the past month, so I took extra pleasure in all of the the jumping exercises. It was a hard workout, mostly because I accidentally set my timer to hours and went for twice as long on the first exercise as I was supposed to before I realized what was going on!

Shirley lost it in class today. Steven pushed her too much, “Steven, I can’t deal with this!” she ended up yelling at him. I tried to do my best to step in for the whole class. I don’t think it helped that Alan’s still being a nightmare, the house unit is just not engaging enough for him, despite our efforts to include more games and make things more fun. I’m really trying to get him bumped up to the Kindergarten level, as he has the language ability for it, and the challenge would be good for him. The school doesn’t seem to keen on this though because he is only four years old, and he doesn’t fully know how to read yet. He’d have no trouble picking up the reading though, hence the “challenging him” thing. He’s the type of student who learns better on his own, provide him with the means to learn and let him choose how to learn it, and he’s a great student. Try and force him to learn in a way he does not like, and there will be moments that you’re convinced you’ve met the world’s greatest super villain. 


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