JINAN: Day 149, Monday May 05 2014

We found out that Sonya’s parents were in town visiting, so we arranged to meet up with them. We were planning on touring Da-Ming-Lake together, but as my siblings, Karen and John were, understandably, weary of Chinese food, we split ways for lunch. While Sonya took her family to a famous restaurant in the hutong, Nate and I took Karen and John to good old, newly opened Subway’s sandwiches. We were done our lunch long before Sonya and her family, as in China meals often take place over extended periods of time. We went on to Da-Ming Lake, telling Sonya to text us once she got there.


It was a beautiful day to walk: sunny and relatively pollution free. We’d made our way all the way around the lake before we heard from Sonya. We’d just have to meet them later. Karen really wanted good goldfish pictures, so we went to Five Dragon springs, where watching goldfish is a pastime of it’s own.


We went home for a rest and then returned to the square for 8:00pm to see the fountain show, where we finally were able to meet up with Sonya and her family. The show went on for 30 minutes and the water was lit up with lights and moved to the beat of different songs. We were watching from the building above so it was funny to see some of the spectators get soaked as the fountain overflowed it’s sides and splashed on their heads!

We ended the night with good old Jinan BBQ, which Karen and John found the most delicious food of China so far! It’s not surprising, the locals claim that Jinan has the best BBQ in China, and I’ve been told that tourists come to Shandong province just for the BBQ experience.


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