PREPARING FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE: Day 140, Saturday April 26 2014

worked and tutored. New class started today, but only three students showed up. One boy in that class is named Honey…

I had pineapple class today. When I was making teams for a game I just put the first letters of each name in the team groups. The student were very concerned about their other letters. Bob kept saying “B-O-B. Bob, B-O-B” until I retaliated and wrote their first names.

Taught directions in tutoring, and had the kids navigate to each other’s houses on a homemade map drawn on the chalk board. They did more decorations on their houses the directions. I’ve instructed them to make their own maps for homework while I’m gone. We’ll see if they actually do it.

After the great map drawing activity I had the kids blindfolded. The idea was that they’d give each other directions to find an egg on the ground (easter themed), but they kept cheating and telling each other in Chinese! I was not going to have it, so I had them blindfold me and give me directions. It was great fun. Sophia kept saying “let, let,” and I’d go left, and she’d shout “No no stop!” What she was trying to say was “down.” I stubbornly refused to follow their directions unless their pronunciation was correct, even “walking” into the wall again and again when they said the wrong word. There was almost too much laughing for it to work out!

Last minute packing happened when I got home.



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