HAPPY EASTER: Day 127, Sunday April 13 2014

The day dawned grey and bleak, the pollution ratings shooting up into the 300s. Nate and I armed ourselves in dubiously effective face masks before we ventured outside. Nate had decided to finally drag himself out of bed on Sunday morning to watch my pre-k-2 class, as he would be starting one of his own soon, and wanted to get an idea of how to run things. It wasn’t the greatest topic and I was tired (along with half my kids, who aren’t the best behaved sunday mornings) but he still said it was helpful.

Melissa had the brilliant idea of a vegetable race during my pre-k-1 class. I started a timer, and stayed with the class while she took off with three students armed with pink kid sized grocery baskets down the hall, through the waiting area, past the parents, into the grocery store set up. Each student was given a flashcard with an item to collect, and then they had to rush back to the classroom as quickly as possible and say the item out loud before the timer was stopped. The all girls team won, and all the kids had a blast.

Melissa is absolutely the best CT I have worked with. I think the best part is we just both have so much fun. She loves each and every student like they are her own children. This is the first Pre-K-1 group Melissa’s had from the beginning, and as we watched them learn and grow together I found she really took a pride in what she did that not a lot of teachers anywhere in the world do. One parent presentation stands out to me. After the kids had presented their little daily presentation after class, and I said my piece about how the class was going, Melissa broke down crying while translating as she told the parents how proud she was of the kids and how far they’d come.


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