HAPPY EASTER: Day 126, Saturday April 12 2014

Instead of being in class surrounded by his goofy 2-3 year olds, Nate was hunched over his computer playing his games when I got to work.

“There was a power outage this morning,” he told me, “Classes got canceled. But now it’s back on.”

I had demo classes all day, and Strawberry class, for perhaps the last time, at 4:00 pm. I made some quick modifications on the Easter demo, and it went alright in the end.

One of the activities was a race carrying plastic easter eggs from one bin to another. The idea was it would be a parent- child activity, where the parents would help their child carry the eggs. When I called them up however the parents just stood behind the bins and watched their three year olds run back and forth on their tiny little legs getting more and more exhausted! Tatianna, who was sitting in on my demo today (a regular thing for new teachers to do) started cracking up as she watched me shuffles the bins closer and closer together, and sneak away eggs while the children weren’t looking!

For some reason Muffin had found it necessary to include a real hard boiled egg in each bin, which was soon a mash of shell and egg bits. They were removed by me to a new home in the garbage can.

At least I had only 8 kids, pretty much the ideal number for a demo, especially of the young ones that need more attention. Well, I started out with only 8 kids… as the race went on late comers kept entering the room, and by the time I was done my total head count had grown to a massive 14 3-4 year olds! I had been told to expect a small demo and was in no way prepared for the numbers.

My following demos were much smoother.

I tutored that night after work. Sam wasn’t thrilled that we were doing a geography lesson, but I think he found it much more interesting then he’d originally expected. Lisa and Rose walked me to the bus stop as usual. I really enjoy their company after teaching as we walk and chat. I think they have fun with the opportunity to practice their own rusty oral English. Both are teachers, and both have fantastic written English. When they were going to school however there were no oral English classes, so spoken is a different story. Often we’d see the bus coming before we got to the bus stop and I’d be waving over my shoulder as I sprinted away from them, them calling goodbye and telling me to hurry.

Today Lisa had given me a little tin of candy from a wedding they’d attended, and that had gotten me onto the topic of weddings. I told her that Nate and I would be getting married when we returned to Canada, and talked about my idea of getting a Chinese wedding dress made. Lisa congratulated me, but seemed a little disappointed. I think she was hoping I would stay after my contract ended. “The kids really like you,” she told me, “I really like you too. I think you are like Chinese girl!”

I smiled at the compliment, “Except I don’t speak Chinese!” I laughed.

“Yes but you have gotten much better. You are like Chinese girl in personality.”


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