A NEW ROUTINE: Day 123, Wednesday April 09 2014

We taught at the Kindergarten in the afternoon. The routine is getting much smoother, but there are still some communication errors going on. I had one complaint from a teacher who wanted us to stay an extra five minutes. She was behind today and it took her five minutes to get the students ready. Unfortunately we don’t have any extra time in our schedule, but it seems like this concept doesn’t make sense to the teachers. Also, when I went to split one class into two groups, I told Sally, my CT that we would split where there was already a natural gap. Sally the proceeded to move two of the children from the already slightly smaller group to the bigger group.

Class at Happy English went well. Jesse, who originally wouldn’t even sit next to the other children, is becoming more a part of the class every lesson.

We bought some wine after work and drank it while doing some sketching and writing for a children’s story idea I have.


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