HOME SWEET HOME: Day 116, Wednesday April 02 2014

I was still full from dinner with Larry when I woke up the next morning, but I was determined to drag my bloated sluggish body out for a workout regardless. Even with the thick fluff swirling through the air it was nice to be outside. The fluff was kind of fun, it lay in puffs and pile in the corners of the park where the wind had blown it together, looking like a cloud, or snow. Some of the pieces tossed by the wind stuck to others near by rolling bigger and bigger as if some poltergeist was making a snowman. When I picked the wrong elliptical machine, too close to a large collection, I created a storm of flurries.

Nate had come out with me. I attract a lot of attention on my own, but more when Nate’s around. There were a lot of small children around, watched over by their grandmas. Some of them ignored us, intent on their games, but others stared at us like we were aliens from another planet.

Nate and I got to the kindergarten early that afternoon, so we sat in the park beneath a flowering vine and talked about wedding ideas while we waited. Kindergarten went relatively well. I had starfruit class at Happy English, and the plan was to get them to draw faces on stars, so we could laminate them and use them for our reward systems. We only got a few faces, most of them ended up as just scribbles. Kevin, which is the “cursed name” at our centre, just coloured red right in the centre, so it almost looks like his star is bleeding.


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