HOME SWEET HOME: Day 215, Tuesday April 01 2014

We both went across the street for a haircut today. For some reason no matter what Nate asks for he always ends up looking like Chairman Mao. The haircutter spent around 10 minutes after the haircut combing my hair into the perfect part. All I wanted to do was mess it up.

We met Larry for dinner along with some others of Nate’s magic buddies. Larry took us to a sea food restaurant that got all of it’s food from Qingdao (Larry’s home town). One of the dishes was raw crab legs, apparently sterilized in alcohol. I wasn’t a fan, the meat was all jelly. Would have been alright in a sushi roll though! The rest of the food was much more appetizing: we had cooked muscles and clams, a plate of stomach and peppers, and a big plate of octopus. To wash it down was of course Qingdao beer. I was stuffed by the end, but Larry insisted we move on to BBQ after!


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