HOME SWEET HOME: Day 214, Monday March 31 2014

The newest teacher, Tatiana, a big black woman from the southern states, who came to China with her skinny 8 year old daughter, was having trouble exchanging her USD for RMB, so we met up with her to exchange and help her out. She’s living in Damian’s old apartment, and is apparently sharing it with Muffin (one of our CTs). Not sure how that happened, but so far their stuck together. We walked over, and she invited us inside. Muffin gave us all a weird inner mongolian powdered milk, and then pulled a bottle of wine out of the cupboard and asked Nate about the quality. We both tasted some, it was alright.

“When did you open this?” Nate asked.

“Maybe two days ago?”

“You know you need to drink it pretty soon after drinking it.”

“ It’s not liek Baijo?”

“No… it’s not like baijiu”

We headed to hero mountain to buy some paintings. There were a bunch of birthdays coming up back home, so were were putting a package together.


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