GUILIN: Day 207, Monday March 24 2014

“I just want to see something beautiful,” I told Nate. I was still feeling pretty exhausted, and I’d gotten up early to see Meiqi off. Nate made some sort of overly sweet remark about me being beautiful in response. After I berated him for being overly sappy we headed out to check out one of Guilin’s many parks.


It took us three tries to find the park we wanted. The first time we walked through what looked like a park gate towards the mountain we thought we were heading towards, but we were chased out by a guard! Next, after we thought we’d found the right entrance, we walked up to the gate and were shocked to see the price was 90 RMB rather then the 35 RMB we had been told! Apparently though this was entrance to a tower not to the mountain hike. We were on the wrong side. Well I guess they say third time’s a charm for a reason. The park had three mountain peaks to climb to. The tallest was supposed to the the best view of Guilin.


We stumbled into a Chinese tour group on the highest peak, and were roped into photos with strangers. When it started to rain the tourists disappeared, and we were left on the top of the mountain, no one else around, enjoying the best view on Guilin from under a sheltered pagoda. When the next noisy group showed up we got out before we were asked to be stand in monkeys once again.


This mountain had a slide down! We were given mats to tie around our waist, and gloves on our hands, so we could use them along with our feet as breaks.


There was an orange flag standing alone on top of the third peak. Nate grabbed it and waved it around. We were the only ones up there, and we enjoyed the view standing in the warm rain together.

We’d come full circle, and it was once again dumpling night (specialty night at the hostel, as it had been on our first day in Guilin). After a shower and dry clothes we went down for dumpling making, and ended the night with drinks and pool. Guilin had a deal that if you drank enough during your stay you earned a “free” t-shirt. We were allowed to combine drink numbers, so between the three of us we’d already earned a shirt for Nate and Meiqi, but we needed to earn one more for me!

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