DRAGON BONE RICE TERRACES: Day 206, Sunday March 23 2014

Nate before coffee.

We wanted to have wandering time on our way back down to the park entrance, so we got up early and packed up. 


The view was hidden entirely behind white cloud when we went down for breakfast in the morning, but as we ate the mist shifted and the scenery opened up to reveal beautiful floating mountains over a field of rice terraces. It only lasted five minutes before the mist filled back in the gaps, but that moment made all of the pain of getting there the day before worth it.

We passed a three year old child toddling around on his own, and a dog from along the side of the path tagged along after us for a bit. We met another Canadian couple outside their hostel, and stopped to chat. They were running out of RMB and asked to exchange some with USD.

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The bus ride back was less crowded and much more pleasant then the one there had been.

Our visitor from home, Meiqi, would be leaving the next morning to continue her travels in Thailand. Back at Wada hostel us girls freshened up, while Nate settled in for a night of pool and beer. Us girls would be spending out last night as just the two of us. I was excited, I mean having my fiance, Nate, tag along with us besties was fine and all, but he could be a bit of a third wheel sometimes (some might think it would be the other way round, that the friend would be the third wheel to the couple, but they are wrong). I forgot my map, but luckily Meiqi had hers, and we were missing our Nate-guide, who was usually responsible for directions, but somehow we made it to somewhere near the food street regardless. We scored 15 RMB noodles! Then we got McDonald’s ice cream and set course for the kissing fish place.

We chatted through giggles and squirms with our feet in the fish tanks. Just as we were about to leave a group of four new customers walked in (three women and a man), and the man’s reaction the the fish was so good we had to stay for the show. He couldn’t get more then the very bottom layer of his foot in, so the guy who worked there came over and tried to push his feet into the tank! 


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