GUILIN: Day 200, Monday March 17 2014

We bought breakfast to eat in the cab on our way to the airport. Turns out soup in a plastic bag should not be eaten in a moving car! Nate forgot to take his keys out of his pockets on his way through security and earned himself a full pat down, and a bag search.

We had left Jinan sunny and warm and we entered Guilin through cloud. The mist lay in heavy shrouds over the ground, obscuring our view to anything beyond the road. Partway through our cab ride into the city great sharp peaks materialized from within the shifting fog, jutting up into the sky.

We arrived in Guilin and checked into our hostel. Free dumplings at 7:00pm we were told. Make your own. We unpacked and took a short power nap before joining in the dumpling making. There were a whole croud of people and many of the dmplings were more ball shaped or only loosely sealed. They still worked out pretty well and were delicious.

We played a game of cranium with some fellow dumpling makers and then hiked around the block to get massages. Meiqi claimed her message was a little too painful, but I enjoyed it.



2 thoughts on “GUILIN: Day 200, Monday March 17 2014

  1. I don’t remember the exact date, however it’s roughly 3-4 weeks(Beginning of April) I went to Guilin and Yangshuo after Beijing and Chengdu. Apparently I had the same ideas of places to visit like you! 😀 I feel like I’m re-living my spring study abroad trip through the eyes of someone else HAHA!


    1. Nice, I haven’t had the chance to read you’re blog in detail yet, but I’ve glanced through it and am already getting the same feeling from it. It’s cool to read about other peoples experiences and see their pictures and go “yep, I remember that”.

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