SHOWING OFF JINAN: Day 199, Sunday March 16 2014

Sonya played tour guide again today with Meiqi while we were at work. They went to 1000 buddha mountain, and from the amount of pictures Sonya came back with it seems like they had fun.

We went to Katrina’s that night for some drinks. Muffin ended up coming along, and we started the night out at bbq. Shandong bbq is supposed to be some of the best in China! Or so some locals had once told us. We have yet to have better.


The boys were walking back to Katrina’s arm in arm after many gambeis (bottoms up) of beer. Katrina grabbed my camera to take a picture, but couldn’t get it to work. Muffin came over to help out. Now the reason it wouldn’t work was because it had been put on playback mode, and the pictures it was going through were from an ABC party (anything but clothes) from back home. When Muffin grabbed the camera all I heard from him was a “Woah!” of shock. He stood frozen staring at the camera in a shocked, yet fascinated horror verging on intense interest, as he probably recited every one of his strict confusion values in his head. The picture he’d happened upon were two girls posing for a picture, one wearing nothing but a loofa, the other with traffic cones over her boobs. I was dying laughing as I snatched away the camera before he came across someone he knew, and tried to explain the joke to those around me through short gasps of air.


We drank baijo, beer, and brandy, the three bs, then headed up to the roof to let off the lantern we had hidden away during the lantern festival once we realized the things were being confiscated. It was windy and our flame kept getting blown out before the lantern got off the ground. When we eventually did get it going the fabric blew into the flame and we ended up chasing the burning mess across the concrete roof and stomping out with our feet. Not as graceful as we’d imagined.


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