SHOWING OFF JINAN: Day 197, March 14 2014

We met Sonya in the morning and headed to Jelly Fish Springs together. We were hoping to see jelly fish, but instead we saw something else… as we walked down the path to the springs someone yelled at us that there were people naked down there! We went around to the far side instead, and laughed at the one Chinese guy frantically climbing out of the water and standing naked on shore for the world to see!

From there we took a bus to Da Ming Lake, where the leaves were getting steadily greener and flowers were beginning to bloom. We did the lake loop then walked through the hutong, pausing to show Meiqi some of the cooler shops. We stopped at the dress store and asked about getting a wedding dress made, which they priced at 2000-3000 RMB. I don’t have a lot of trust in them, seeing as the first time I stopped to ask about the cost of getting a dress made I was quoted at 6000 RBM, but suddenly when I had Sonya with me the price dropped!


Nate ran into the bookstore while we poked around the hutong, and called me when he was heading back to us. We could see his red hair sticking up above his head like a maniac’s halo as he towered over the crowd ahead of us.

We filled up our water buckets with spring water, the parted ways with Sonya and Meiqi who were off to Baotou Springs while we headed to work. Meiqi and I went to the night market after work, but had the hardest time getting a cab. We saw car after car with red “for hire” sign lit up zoom by us. Katrina always claims that cabs sometimes don’t pick up foreigners, but I’d never really experienced this myself. Now suddenly I felt the discrimination that came with being different.


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