SHOWING OFF JINAN: Day 196, Thursday February 13 2014

Head cold considered, Meiqi was not in good shape, but she made it out to Hero mountain for tai chi anyways. She’s got a strong background in martial arts, and put us to shame. She didn’t know all of the steps, but in terms of form and stance she was spot on.

We climbed the mountain after, and stood on the top beside the star monument watching a man struggle to keep his kite from crashing into the trees while another beside him stood forlornly with a limp rope trying to see where his went down.

It’s a common practice to slide down the railing instead of walk down the stairs, so that’s what we did. Some stretches are really steep and get a bit scary. It was worth it.

Meiqi was blown away by the painting store. Piles and piles of breath taking paintings on thin paper, folded and stacked almost carelessly. She bought three and spent probably more then she planned on spending.

“Lao wei, lao wei!” (foreigner, foreigner!) a pack of children yelled as we made a mad dash through the park to try and beat the bus around the corner. One ran along with us grinning.

Sonya and Rose came over after work that night and we made hot pot. Hopefully the heat helped clear Meiqi out a bit!

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