SHOWING OFF JINAN: Day 195, Wednesday March 12 2014

I’d planned to “maid of honour” propose to Meiqi that morning, on the same hill Nate had proposed to me. I was surprisingly nervous, I guess I got a tiny taste of what Nate had felt. “I hate it, this is disgusting, guys can we just go home?” I imagined her saying as I tried to fall asleep Tuesday night. We had to cross through a dump before even reaching the mountain, and the beauty that had once existed in the garden lined path had fallen from the vines in the fall.

We’d forgotten the camera at work, so we brought the notebook with the messages in it instead (I changed it to “Be My Maid of honour” instead of “Marry Me”.) There were also a whole lot of construction workers wandering around that I hadn’t counted on. It seemed that they were turning the mountain into some sort of park. In true honour of Nate’s proposal to me, despite the unwanted audience, I proclaimed I had to pee and dashed off into the bushes. I had a dress on underneath my clothes, rather then a suit, and I quickly stripped down to that. There was a wind I had not counted on as well. A strong cold wind sure to carry away the pollution, as sure as it was to freeze me where I stood as I dug through my bag for my proposal gift.

When I came out of my hiding spot I could see her still flipping through the book. She turned the last page, then froze, looked at Nate, a grin on her face and turned around to see me. It was a yes!

All too soon the fun was over, Nate and I had to work for another week before we were completely free to travel. We were at the Kindergarten in the morning, and Happy English that evening.

Given the large class sizes, and the short lesson times, I’d asked for name tags so that I could keep the children straight. One of my classes had them, but they weren’t even attached to the kids, instead they were handed to me in a huge pile. When I asked if we could tape them to the children’s shirts I was met only with blank stares in return. “I think that you don’t need to know the names,” Sarah offered.

“Knowing your kids names is just good teaching.” I replied.

I got a phone call while at the kindergarten informing me that my lesson that night would be two hours instead of one. Not enough notice to plan a larger lesson plan with me at the kindergarten. I left the task with Shirley. Fortunetly my new class is an awesome bunch of students so far, so not much to worry about.

The plan was to take Meiqi to our painting lesson, but the bug she’d started with at the beginning of the trip had turned into a full blown head cold, and she chose to sleep instead.


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