RHYTHM OF LIFE: Day 188, Wednesday March 05 2014

I joined the dancing lesson in the park this morning. It mostly involves stepping to a rhythm and walking in circles while doing various arm movements. It’s not bad for upper body and posture. I worked on my nunchuck moves afterwards. I’m starting to get the swing of it (pun intended). The metal sticks and chain are beginning to feel like an extension of my limbs, cold and familiar in my hands. I can feel every vibration up my arm as it swings, as if it were sending me nerve signals of it’s own. Nate had breakfast waiting for me when I got inside.

Got picked up by our boss at 2:00pm for our first day at the kindergarten. We will e teaching there now every wednesday for 1 1/2 hours from 2:30-4:00. The preschool was beautifully decorated, the first floor decked out as under the sea with coral plastered to the ceiling. The English alphabet was written on the face of every step on the stairs. The second floor was a jungle, and the first floor was all about outer space.

Everything (in terms of our teaching) was very chaotic and unprepared, but that is something I’ve come to expect. Our schedule was crazy, my longest class lasted 20 min, the others are 15 min (one is actually 10 min) with no time in between to dance from one classroom to the next. I have five classes crammed into the 1 1/2 hour space. My largest class is 34 children, and the speakers on the classroom computer weren’t nearly loud enough for “the hokey pokey” I had planned to play. I had no time to ask the kids their names, and not enough time for everyone to get a turn at my games. The other classes were better, but the chaos of being unprepared followed me at all levels. For next week I will be planning each class as if it is a warm up for my Happy English lessons rather then a complete lesson. There’s just not enough time for more then that.

We were exhausted by the time we made it to the office for our evening class, which for me happened to be all about action verbs, so I ended the day hopping, running, swimming, and walking with a bunch of five year olds.


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