RHYTHM OF LIFE: Day 183, Friday February 28 2014

Still cold, but still sunny. We went to Quan Chen square this morning to fill our water jugs at the springs and to buy an elastic gun for Nate’s lesson.

The willows (along the canal) were budding little green leaves on their long hanging arms that swayed over the water, and the sun gleamed off of the flowing springs. The little waterfall with the stepping stones had grown lager and let out a fresh wet-earth smell. Nate thought it smelled, but the faint smell of fish only reminded me of worms and poles hanging over the water. “I like it,” I replied, “smells like spring.”

We picked a different spring then last time (to fill up our jugs at), deciding to try some new water. There was a handful of people around the pool already. One filled his bottle and drank the water straight away. Nate and I still boil ours just to be sure.


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