NANJING: Day 179, Monday February 24 2014

Alarm went off at 8:00am, already had a text from Sonya “Now I stay at KFC.” Confirmed, double confirmed, and triple confirmed that she was at Nanjing nan (Nanjing south) train station, the same one we had arrived at the day before. Packed up, checked out, collected out deposit, and got directions to the subway.

We ate Nanjing’s version of crunchy wraps on our way. Subway wasn’t far, and tickets were only 3RMB each. We got on the wrong train, Nate was able to jump off in time, but the doors closed before I could follow. I waved at Nate through the window laughing as the train took off. Got off at the next stop and Nate was on the next train.

No Sonya, no Sonya, no Sonya! The station was so big and had a North and South ticket office. We marched back and forth trying to figure out where the heck she was. Finally I got out of her “I stay at Nanging Station.”

“What you’re not at Nanjing Nan?”

“As you know I take the slow train go to Nanjing station not the Nanjing nan.”

When Nate gets grumpy this funny thing happens. He grows three inches in height, the features on his face turn to stone, and he lets off a cloud of frustration that extends about five miles in radius. It’s like he’s transformed into a hungry prowling grizzly bear. Back we went, back to the subway station, halfway back down the route in the other direction. Finding Sonya was not hard once we were in the right place. Getting human Nate back from grizzly clutches was not easy. A chicken wrap and coffee seemed to improve his mood.

The first two hotels we went to would not take foreigners, but the third was a success. Price was ok, better if you were splitting it between three or four people, but Nate and I ended up in our own room (there were 6 of us total).

We got baoze, dumplings, and soup for lunch. The soup consisted of chunks of congealed blood, intestines, liver, and noodles. We had planned to check out the Nanjing Massacre Museum after lunch, but when we found out it is closed on mondays we headed to the park instead.

Potted plum blossom trees lining the path, their buds just beginning to blossom. We took pictures, poked through shops and wondered along the edge of a brown lake.

The lake had a story. Once she had been a girl who was in love with a soldier. When the soldier went off to war she turned herself into a lake so she could flow to the ocean and find him.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We went to a big city centre type area to go shopping. When the sun went down, the lights came out in the form of beautiful hanging lanterns.

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