NANJING: Day 178, Sunday February 23 2014


Smoggy but warm. Drew shapes on the ground in pineapple class and spent a good chunk of the class running from on shape to the other and jumping inside. Melissa tried to mess the kids up by running to the wrong shape, the big meany.

We got a package from my mom, it had maple syrup in it!

We are now on the train to Nanjing, buying tickets at the station was easier then expected. Got on a 7:30 train and will arrive at 10:00 pm.

We would be meeting Selina and her friends the next day. They had taken the slow train, and would be traveling all night! We didn’t know what the plan was for hotel rooms, so Nate and I went to the hostel from our travel guide. It was a little pricier then the place we ended up staying in the next night, but for the location I wish we’d gotten the chance to stay longer. It was located in an old mansion and had a large common area/ greenhouse. The check in desk doubled as a bar and they had a large outdoor drinking area with a rooftop patio. We footed the extra money for a double room rather then going for the 27 bed dorms. It was pretty bare bone, but had a good heater.

We went to the hotel lobby, travel guide in hand hoping for a bar recommendation. We ended up with two 10 RMB off tickets for the place that had just opened up next door, so we stopped over for a drink. The bar was small with low lighting and wooden stools. The wall was covered in barn board and the booze behind the bar was lit up with bright back lights. The windows were painted for a stained glass effect, and a sign announced that there would be a poetry reading every friday.

We move to the bar and chatted with the bar tender. He’d been a writer before, he said, and had traveled a lot of asia. He’s picked up bits and pieces of the bar ideas along the way.


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