ENGAGED: Day 173, Tuesday February 18 2014

Nate had been one of the men doing gambei shots, and he was not in a good state this morning. We managed to skype with family anyways as it was family day.

We’ve gone a full week with no hot water, and finally we had someone out to look at our water heater today. The only place we can get hot water in our apartment is in the bathroom, and that’s thanks to a water heater hooked up to the shower pipes. We’d have to set it to hear about 30 minutes before we wanted to shower, which usually worked fine. For some reason recently every time we’ve tried the breaker switched off. Of course when the shower guy was there everything worked perfectly fine! We had Lainey on the phone as a translator. Just as the repair man was heading down the stairs, boom, breaker switch off. Fortunately we managed to get him back before he left.

Apparently there’s some moisture problem in the wiring, so it might be a while before it is fixed. We were able to shower at Katrina’s, though I’m not sure Andy was too impressed, as he had two girls over. The joy of a hot shower quickly overcame our guilt.

The magic shop also has board games, one of them being “Settlers of Catan”. If you don’t know what this game is, you should go out and buy it immediately. We met up with Sonya and a friend of hers for a game. The board was in Chinese, but Sonya and her friend didn’t know how to play. Nate and I explained the rules, but found it funny when Sonya would ask us what a card did seeing as she could read it and we couldn’t! The first game was slow, but the second game picked up a bit as Sonya and her friend entered into a battle for longest road. Nate won both rounds.


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