ENGAGED: Day 172, Monday February 17 2014

Met Sonya to play shuttle-cock in the park. We were there playing and practicing nun-chucks for nearly two hours before Sonya had to go to work. We met up with the lao ban (boss) of the magic shop and some other magic players for shao cao (bbq). Larry was late, and when he showed up he was with a girl covered in fake bling bling. When the Lao bon asked where he’d met her he apparently replied (in Chinese) “Oh I just picker her up on the side of the road!”

I politely turned down most of the “gambei”s but the men didn’t let up. The lao ban was about to pass out at the table before we got him in a cab home! Nate and I headed out at the same time, but Larry was ready to continue the party and was heading off to the bar.


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