ENGAGED: Day 168, Thursday February 13 2014

Nate’s alarm went off at 8:00 am. I was not impressed. We had just planned on climbing the mountain by our house and I didn’t see why we couldn’t have a sleep in. “No I do NOT have to poop!” I squawked at Nate as I lay lazily stretched out across the bed, “stop bugging me.” Finally I gave in and dragged myself out of bed.

Nate was wearing a grubby pair of pants and an old sweater. I forgot my key, but Nate remembered his. Nate was going on about how cool it would be to see “Narnia”, as we had called the network of gardens that led towards the mountain’s base, in the winter. I muttered that I was pretty sure it would be ugly with no greenery to hide the thick tangle of garbage. Everything was grey and dead “Yep, pretty ugly,” I laughed.

We climbed the mountain both tired and out of breath by the top. I commented on how out of shape I was. Holidays are bad! I plopped down on a rock with all my layers around my waiste. I had asked Nate if he had room in his bag on the way up and he’d said no, but I couldn’t figure out what he had in there. Nate hadn’t taken off a single layer, and I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t boiling to death.

“Crap I forgot my memory card.” Nate had pulled out his camera.

How’d you forget your camera card?”

Oh I had to give a picture to Lois and forgot to put it back in.

“Oh well I have my camera here, use my card.”

No it’s ok I just remembered I bought that new one the other day and it’s still in my bag.” he put the new card in then paused, “That’s weird, there’s already pictures on here.”

“Oh yeah? Let me see.”

Here,” Nate handed me the camera, “Tell me if there’s anything good, I have to go pee real quick.”

Ok,” I started looking through the pictures, which were mostly of cars and buildings, and some Chinese lanterns. There was a picture of a sign that said “Always (another English school in the city)” so my detective brain went “I bet whoever’s card this was before worked at Always.”

There was a bit of glare on the screen so when a picture of a person came up I couldn’t immediately see his face. I could see that he was holding a sign that said “Will” “AHA!” I thought, “whoever owned this card’s name was Will!” Next sign read “you” “NO WAY! Whoever owned this card got proposed to on it!” “marry,” wait is that Nate? Does that look like Nate? “Me?”

I looked up, the ground no longer steady below me. Nate was no where to be seen, “Nate?” I called. I must have stood up because the next thing I know I was wondering around looking for him, “Nate? My heart was pounding and there he was, ring box in one hand, teddy bear flowers in the other. “You goofball.” I said shaky legs somehow carrying me forwards, “ You goofball.” I repeated and kissed him. “Of course you goof ball!” I was crying and laughing and grinning at the same time. There was a ring on my finger, and teddy bear flowers in my hands, and and Nate added another picture to his brand new camera card. And I kissed him.

One thought on “ENGAGED: Day 168, Thursday February 13 2014

  1. AWWWW ❤

    Funny thing…now that you brought it to my knowledge that I will be working at your old school..I'm like oh snap..I know Lois haha 😀


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