JINAN AGAIN: Day 166, Tuesday February 11 2014


We are sitting on a wooden bench, the sun warming my right side. In front of us red lanterns reflect off of the calm, slightly rippled surface of one of the springs at five dragons park. A light breeze blows a string of three lanterns gently back and both in front of me. They hang from a tall tree with long reaching branches. After the snow squalls and bitter wind this past week it feels like spring: we pray the good weather holds. Today is our last day of holidays.

Our school hosted a big dinner for all of us teachers in honour of Chinese New Years. It was served on big lazy susans. There were many small dishes, and you could tell which ones were the favourite of the foreign teachers because they were gone before their second rotation. There was much cheersing and speech making. Katrina ended up with the chicken head. She freaked out, and Andy ended up eating it!


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