JINAN AGAIN: Day 165, Monday February 10 2014

I skyped in the morning until almost noon. The sun was strong and the laundry room, with it’s big windows, was almost uncomfortably hot. There’s a cot folded up on the side of the laundry room, so we pulled that out and used it to bask in the sun.

It’s Sonya’s birthday today, so we met up with her and her family again for KTV. We surprised her with a cake and a string of pearls from Qingdao. She even bought a bottle of wine, and had some of my rum! She was pretty tipsy on our walk home, which was hilarious! After we parted ways Nate and I went out to the pavilion, which was all lit up with red lights for Chinese New Years, and had a few more drinks outside before heading to bed.


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