QINGDAO: Day 161, Thursday February 06 2014

A lot of stuff is still closed because of Chinese New Years, so we’re running out of things to keep us busy. We’ve decided to head home tomorrow instead of sticking around for the weekend. We went exploring again, a thick layer of snow had fallen the night before and everything looked different. I had the camera out again, capturing the same shots in a new light.

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We discovered a small underground shopping area with cheep food, and then ended up hiding from the thick layer of snow that had fallen the night before (there were snow men everywhere) in the movie theatre. The new Monkey King movie had just come out, so we ordered tickets and settled in to watch. It was pretty hilarious reading the poorly translated subtitles.

Gotta love our 3d glasses. Stylin’.

We ventured out around 6:00pm to check out the night market. The woman at the hostel had told us it would be open, but, there was no night market that we could find. We found a white man in McDonalds, who had been living in the city for 4 years, and who recommended checking out LPG bar. The big appeal was the 15 RMB drink special that started at 9:00 pm.

We checked out our map and determined that the walk to the bar would take around 45 min, an hour tops. Nearly two hours later we stumbled into the bar! We were prepared to chug! Fortunately happy hour ended up lasting until 11:00pm, so the rush had been for nothing.

At least the walk had taken us past some interesting sights, and earned me some great fireworks shots (that consequently almost nearly deafened me). We ended up drinking with a Chinese couple that shared our table. The dice game that we had played by our own rules in Hainan was stored under the table. Our new friends taught us how to play properly, but they spoke next to no English, so it was a lot of “no no no no no,” when we did things the wrong way until we figured out what was going on.

We took a cab home.


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