QINGDAO: Day 160, Wednesday February 05 2014


We met up with Bett from the bar in the morning, and headed back to the coast, where Chinese tourists were feeding great swarms of see gulls, to check out the navy museum. Bett managed to get all three of us student tickets with her student card! The museum included a large outdoor collection of fighter jets, missiles, bombs, guns, helicopters, and various other machines. The battle ships were of course the coolest part of the museum. We were able to walk on two of them. The lower decks offered at least some protection from the wind. The top deck was cold, but also had more weapons to check out. Needless to say we didn’t stay long at the top of the ship. The allure of the warmth the tsingtao beer factory would offer was too appealing.

Our route to the factory may not have been the most direct, but it got us there. We walked through a street completely lined with little cafes. Half of them were closed, but the open ones looked inviting. We wanted real food so we didn’t stop.

Food options around the brewery were: closed, or fish. We settled on beer first. The brewery featured a beer bottle fountain, and two separate buildings on the manufacturing of beer, the history of Tsingtao brewery, and of beer brewing. The tour concluded with two free beers, one of raw beer and one of a draft. Not great beer, but alright for China.

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The beer filled our bellies, but offered no nutrition, and our energy levels were low. KFC it was. No nutrition there either, but at least the fat warmed our bodies and fueled our walk home. 

It had snowed, and I was very excited about the light layer of powder.

We cashed in on the 50 RMB spaghetti and unlimited beer dinner special at the bar in our hostel, and soon had a game of poker going with Bett and some others. We used jiao coins (worth just over a penny). I know, we’re big spenders.


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