SPRING FESTIVAL: Day 150, Sunday January 26 2014

I got half shoved off the bus as I tried to climb on by people coming out the wrong end, and when I tried to put my money in the slot a woman barrelled into me on her way on the bus. Being a well mannered individual I apologized “Dui pu chi, dui pu chi.” to which I got an indignant stare. The woman crowded in very close behind me despite the fact that there was lots of space at her end of the bus. I had by hands full of breakfast and barely had time to hold on to anything before we jerked forwards. One foot went back to keep my balance and landed right on grumpy gut’s toes. She started screaming and cussing at me in Chinese. I just backed away very glad in that instant that I didn’t know Chinese.

That put me in a foul mood, but my kids cheered me up. Numbers were down in both classes so it was a much easier morning then expected. My first “English Only” draw took place today in Harry Potter class. A couple of the kids were upset they didn’t get picked, but for the most part it went well. Everyone got a Christmas eraser, and after that they weren’t too upset. I’ve found little prizes at the end of the lesson can make a big difference.

The pollution is in the yellow zone! Now this is still worse then it ever gets in Toronto, but compared to where we’ve been sitting for a good chunk of January, it seems fresh to us.


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