SPRING FESTIVAL: Day 149, Saturday January 25 2014

I dressed for the day, not the morning, and it was cold. I visited one of my favourite breakfast carts: mutton on a spit run by an old woman with a wrinkly face and layers of clothes on. She was very concerned about my thin jacket. I put my 10 RMB bill into her money pot, and fished out my own 6 RMB change. I love how everything seems to work on the honour system here. I want to over pay her without her realizing sometime as a “You’re awesome, thanks for never trying to rip me off”.

I’m working on planning our trip to Guilin, where we will go with Meiqi (as her chinese name is), my best friend who is coming to visit us! It’s a good way to fill office hours.

My afternoon K demo was canceled. I needed the break, I was dreading my evil Strawberry class that I had at the end of the day. My two craziest kids, Kyle and John, were off on holidays, so I just had the girls, the three year olds, and crazy David and Holly. It was almost peaceful. Holly, who is usually crazy, was an angel. It may have something to do with the angry bird pens the kids got if they didn’t loose their four smiley faces. David on the other hand… well, as no fault of his own, I don’t think he’s capable of sitting still for more then five minutes.

We sang the hokey pokey as a group and I literally had to have a hand on David at all times, and had to use my body as a buffer to stop him knocking into the other kids. He has no concept of where his body is!

WE GOT ANOTHER PACKAGE!!!! And a slip to pick up a third one. It’s like Christmas all over again!

After work Nate and I went to the magic shop, where they also have board games, to play “Settlers of Catan”. We’d been hoping that Larry would be able to make it, but it ended up just being the two of us. It’s not really a two person game, but we made it work. We each played two colours and spent most of the time fighting over what we called the “holi land” (named after a bakery store chain in China) which was basically the most useless spot on the board.

The set itself was really cool. It was all in Chinese so we had to guess at what each card said. We knew the game well enough to figure it out.

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