SPRING FESTIVAL: Day 147, Thursday January 23 2014

We picked up our package from home and have been feasting on dark chocolate ever since. We’d received a slip from school telling us the post office to pick it up at, and had taken a cab there that morning. It was closer to the school then we’d thought and we still had lots of time to spare, so we ended up walking back.

We went down an ally that looked likely to lead us back to the main road and instead found ourselves wandering around a maze of European style statues and brick walls blocking all possible exits. We have nicknamed the place “the maze of Europe”. Despite it’s name it’s not quite as a-maze-ing as you might think. The statues aren’t quite as quality as the originals and the plaster holding them together is cracking like an egg shell.

I’ve been having a hard time balancing my Harry Potter class. The kids can be very loud and crazy, but not unproductive. I am trying to encourage the goofy discussion that spontaneously takes place and let the kids feed off of the creative energy, but I don’t want my quieter kids to be left out. One girl, Lilian, will cry when the classroom gets too loud. She’s a very bright child, and is likely one of the smarter children in the class, but the fact that she has a lot of trouble participating is holding her back. Hopefully in time things will improve.

2 thoughts on “SPRING FESTIVAL: Day 147, Thursday January 23 2014

  1. Today was a productive day. I made a lot of copies and read a total 98 of your posts! It’s so good I can’t stop. Lol. I just really appreciate how much you remember and how raw your journal entries are! Your posts generate so many emotions, no wonder I am so captivated by each post and can’t stop reading. Haha.


    1. I’m glad you like it! I actually journaled every day for the entire 15 months, with the exception of one week where I did a week long summary. I have piles of dog eared note books, it’s awesome!

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