SPRING FESTIVAL: Day 146, Wednesday January 22 2014

In light of the clean air and warm sun I spent a good hour and a half in the park outside our house with my nun-chucks. I pealed most of my layers off in the hot sun. I had a couple gawking passers buy. One man stopped to say hello and show off his skills with his nun chucks. A mother and a small girl peered out their open window into the park. I waved to the child who grinned and waved back.

This is the last week of classes before our spring festival holidays. I’ve been trying to work ahead and get the week we get back planned. We’re learning sea creatures, and I’ve got a few good ideas for some activities.

Our lightbulbs had half been out when we moved in, and since they have been going out one by one. Our mission of the night was to replace them. We collected all of the dead bulbs, and brought them to the store where we used them to compare to the new bulbs before we got them. Replacing the bulbs only had some success… It seems that some of the lights have a bigger issue then just a blown bulb.

I went to the fire station to dance, but the dancing ladies weren’t there again. I thought one of the guards might know when they would be back, so I walked over to ask them. “Nagga ren lai le…” (translates to something like “this person came?” but that’s the best I could do) I did a little dancing movement for the fire station guards to see and looked confused. They looked at each other giggling and then back at me. I helplessly repeated my nonsensical string of words.

Wait, wait.” One guard told me as the other ran to the station, soon a third man joined them.

Ni shua yingwen ma?” (do you speak English?) more giggles and confused muttering. I tried repeating my question about the dancing ladies, this time pretending to look at my watch and saying “ba ling ling” (8:00)

Wait, wait!” I was told and the new man disappeared back into the station appearing with a piece of paper and a fourth firefighter. When I wrote the question in English they finally understood. “Too cold,” I was told.

Uh, uh, xie xie” (yes, thank-you) I replied, “Zaijien” (bye). I left my audience for the warmth of my own house where Nate was sipping beer and downloading a movie.

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