SPRING FESTIVAL: Day 143, Sunday January 19 2014

We’ve had a wind blowing from the North West, pushing all of central China’s pollution out to us and the coast. It is barely livable right now and I am just hoping the wind holds and blows this crap right over us.

I was teaching zoo animals in my pre-k-2 class. I kept roaring like a lion every time my students acted up, which of course caused great excitement. “This is a monkey,” I told the kids clicking on the corresponding picture on our smart board software. “Is Steven a monkey?”

NO!” the kids yelled, giggling.

Is Amy a monkey?”


What colour is a monkey?”


A monkey is brown.”

A monkey is brown.”

Who’s wearing brown…? Oh Michelle!” I bounced over monkey style to one of my six year old students wearing a shaggy brown sweater, “Michelle’s a monkey!”

Everyone started yelling while Michelle jumped up, showing off her monkey colours.

After that anyone wearing the same colours as the animals became that animal. We had three black and white striped zebras, and one “tiger” who was actually more of a leopard, right colours wrong pattern, but I let the girl keep her title. The sweaters Happy English provides us with are grey, so when we got to elephant the children immediately jumped to “Shirly is an elephant” and “Jennifer is an elephant.”

An elephant?” I exclaimed as if in shock, “Elephants spray water!” I said pointing at the picture. I grabbed my water bottle and made a big show of unscrewing the top ( though I actually just loosened it and then screwed it back on) I shoved the bottle down my sleeve and waved it around shaking the water at them! They all screamed and ducked trying to hide behind their classmates.

Had dumpling soup for lunch, and then I just had one easy K level demo in the afternoon. We took Edric to the square after work, and soon found ourselves ordering beers and western food from Melana’s.


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