SPRING FESTIVAL: Day 141, Friday January 17 2014

We went to BBQ with Edric, Andy, and Katrina after work. Edric told us a story about a goat he had helped slaughter. He’d held up the head to take a picture and when he tried make it smile for a picture he felt it move it’s mouth! I struggled with the horrid realization that someone would still be alive for a short amount of time after decapitation.

Think that’s a great dinner conversation? Don’t worry the conversation soon changed it’s course… to pooping in squat toilets. Apparently men poop and pee at the same time! I guess squatting to poo is a big deal for them. Andy is so concerned about peeing on his pants by accident that he strips naked from the waste down when he uses the bathroom, and slings his pants over the door of the stall!


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