2014 BEGINS: Day 132, Wednesday January 08 2014

The new teacher, Andy, has been Damian praising, call him “D” and talking about him as if he’s a god. It’s getting very annoying and we’re counting down the days until Damian leaves.

I have been trying to go out on the streets at night to learn the dances the middle aged Chinese ladies do. It’s really fun, though I’m a huge klutz and probably look ridiculous trying to keep up with them. There was no group dancing at the fire station, which is where I usually go, so I ended up at hisense, which is where I was supposed to meet Sonya after anyways. She was a bit late, as she’d been out shopping for Chinese New Years gifts for her family. I was cold by the time she showed up, so we ended up going to the hospital where she works and lives, and practicing our goldfish and painting strokes.


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